How I became the expert from noob in the world of Data Science

Author : Sarthak Kelkar


Embarking on a data science journey may seem daunting at first, filled with complexity and energy-draining challenges. As a young engineering student specializing in artificial intelligence and data science, I too was apprehensive about what lay ahead. Little did I know that a free course and a subsequent internship would reshape my perspective and prove that patience and perseverance were the keys to success. Join me as I share my inspiring journey into the world of data science.

Building a Strong Foundation:

In the early days of my journey, my faculty provided a complimentary advanced course in data science. Here, I delved into various fundamental concepts, including data visualization, dashboard generation, exploratory data analysis, web scraping, speech analysis, and even language translation. It was my first glimpse into the fascinating world of data science, where I encountered powerful tools such as Jupyter Notebook, Google Colaboratory, and Microsoft Power BI Desktop. The course concluded with a well-deserved certificate, validating my newfound knowledge.

Mastering Python:

Recognizing the importance of programming in data science, I dedicated myself to learning Python. I enrolled in the Ultimate Python Developer Bundle, which took me from the basics to advanced concepts. The bundle not only equipped me with Python skills but also honed my abilities through practice problems and hands-on projects. Python emerged as my language of choice due to its simplicity, comprehensiveness, and rich library ecosystem. I also attained a certificate in scientific computing with Python, further enhancing my problem-solving abilities.

Embracing Machine Learning:

Realizing that machine learning is an integral part of data science, I embarked on a 30-day machine learning masterclass available on YouTube. This comprehensive course covered the entire data science lifecycle, encompassing data collection, cleaning, modeling, visualization, evaluation, and deployment. It was a transformative experience that fortified my understanding and prepared me for the practical application of machine learning algorithms.

Internship: A Gateway to Real-World Data Science:

As I progressed in my journey, I seized an incredible opportunity to intern at an e-commerce company as a data scientist. The internship proved to be a turning point, providing me with invaluable real-world experience. Working alongside professionals, I honed my skills in supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms, dashboard generation, and data analysis using Python, NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and Seaborn. The internship offered a series of challenging tasks that exposed me to diverse scenarios, including fake buyer identification, digital marketing automation, web scraping, and payroll management. These practical encounters solidified my knowledge and enriched my problem-solving abilities.

Broadening Horizons with Statistics:

Recognizing the importance of statistical knowledge in data science, I delved into the subject alongside my ongoing studies. In the college lab, I translated theoretical concepts into practical applications through coding. I explored various areas, including data wrangling, descriptive statistics, data analytics, text analytics, data visualization, and even developed a movie recommendation system. These experiences deepened my understanding and showcased the immense power of statistics in extracting meaningful insights from data.

Networking and Collaboration:

Throughout my journey, I realized the significance of networking and collaboration. LinkedIn became my go-to platform for connecting with like-minded individuals and industry professionals. By learning from their experiences and engaging in collaborative projects, my confidence soared, and my reputation in the industry grew.

At last:

My journey from a novice in data science to a data science intern has been a remarkable adventure. From foundational knowledge and mastering Python to embracing machine learning and gaining real-world experience, every step has brought me closer to realizing my passion for data science. I encourage aspiring data scientist to start your journey now. All the best.

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